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Cool Draft vs. Competitors

The Competition

It's almost funny when reading the advertisements of competing products like, "We cool you down without getting you wet" or "The worlds first DRY misting system"! It's a contradiction in terms and it's not possible. It's a fan that uses water to cool. At some point, you can get wet. However, there are factors to "dial" in a misting fan to keep down the wetness and provide a tremendous amount of cooling. 

First of all, misting fans use water. Ambient air temperature and humidity, plays a big factor in wetness. Another big factor is the amount of nozzles and what size nozzle is being used, and last is the airflow from the fan. With a Cool Draft fan we have found the perfect match of nozzles and airflow to allow the best cooling without getting customers wet.

Wetness becomes a major factor when dealing with portable systems. Our competition uses low pressure 30 psi pumps to produce mist, which will always result in wetness. Which is why we only use mid-pressure and high-pressure pumps in our fans. The difference is absolutely huge!

Oscillating or Non-Oscillating

  • If you're moving air indoors with a just a fan... Oscillating.
  • If you are trying to dry a wet floor with a standard fan... Oscillating.
  • If you are drying paint with a fan... Oscillating.
  • Cooling people with a mist fan... Non-Oscillating!

Over 90% of the cooling generated by an oscillating fan is wasted! A person is rehabbed much quicker with a non-oscillating misting fan due to the fact that direct cooling to one particular area is much better than oscillation... Misting fans are not air conditioners, they use the principle of evaporation and air flow to cool. 


Why? A misting fan is very different than a regular ventilation fan. Misting fans use the principle of air combined with atomized water to cool. Therefore, if you're not directly in the path of the fan and mist it's being wasted! If you have to wait for a misting fan to oscillate and come back around, you are not getting cooled. Whatever cooling you get from an oscillating mist fan is only when you are directly in the path, the rest is simply wasted or gone into the atmosphere.
Take a look at every picture or video clip of someone in front of a misting fan... They are ALWAYS directly in the path of the air and mist, and they don't move until they are sufficiently cooled down! Also, Keep in mind the oscillator gears are always the first to fail.
So the next time you're getting cooled in front of a Cool Draft misting fan, just be glad you don't have to chase the fan side-to-side to get cooled. 

Why Buy Cool Draft?

With over 15 years of manufacturing and designing portable misting fans, Cool Draft has perfected misting fan manufacturing. For instance, we have tried using large fan companies to build our misting fans and have realized they do not pay attention to the details required to build a long-lasting misting fan. By cutting corners and most of all cost, they have failed miserably with quality control and product durability!
We now know building a misting fan requires a special "touch". Therefore, at Cool Draft, we build each fan from scratch not by an assembly line. This allows each technician to pay attention to every component, connection and detail as the unit is being built. This also allows them to have a sense of accomplishment and pride in each unit they build.
We believe when it comes to product knowledge, you are best served by those who built and designed it. That's us.
We build what we sell, use only the best components and we take pride in each unit that ships from our docks. Most companies that are selling misting equipment and misting fans do not build their own product. They are basically outlet stores or just rent them to customers like the NFL. No matter who rents them, these fans have been designed by us at Cool Draft. Don't let their "hype" miss lead you when it comes to purchasing a misting fan. There are only 32 teams with the NFL, our customers number in the thousands each year.

Cool Draft's Manufacturing Team Sets High Standards

Since the inception of the 360 Series, Cool Draft has quickly re-claimed the position as being the largest misting fan manufacturer in the United States. With an annual sales growth that has been "off the charts", the Cool Draft brand and reputation are second to none.
At Cool Draft we have gone above-and-beyond to bring our customers the most versatile, durable misting fans in the industry. In order to do this, we integrated an inspection checklist with the assembly procedures while the fans are actually being built. This "check List" or POI (point of inspection) is done on each component before, and after, a component is installed.
After the units are finished being built, they go through yet another POI during labeling. Once the fan is sold, it is taken from the shelf and must be water tested...During the water test, the unit is looked over by two technicians once more and must pass several POI's. (points of inspection) If it passes, the unit is then boxed and packed for final shipping. In the end, our units go through 14 POI's to ensure quality! 

Choosing A Misting Fan

 If you are considering purchasing a misting fan in the near future, please be sure to get the details and understand the differences between low, medium and high pressure! Also, learn the differences between the systems... Some misting fans on the market look similar, and even use our patented technology, just be aware some details and specs are purposely left out!

Whatever your needs are, we designed the 360 Series to fit every budget and requirement needed in a misting fan. Most of our customers including Fire, EMS, Military, Industrial and even homeowners will find a 360 Fan to fit their needs. However, If you want something less expensive and low pressure for around the house, our two Light Duty models are the way to go. Furthermore, if your looking for a system that is more permanent and very "high-end", we have the new Eclipse Series of stainless steel constructed misting fans.

Even if you do not purchase a Cool Draft system, we believe the customer should know all the details with misting fans.
While evaluating misting fans, you should look for these main features:

  •  First of all, know this, if it runs off of a garden hose, you're gettin' wet.

  • > Pump pressure; 160 to 1000 psi is the best for producing fog. Anything less than 100 gets everything wet!
  • > Fan; size and how many speeds. It is possible for too much air velocity, if the fan is too big. 
  • > Total Weight; some companies leave this out. If it is heavy, it's hard to move around!
  • > Compact; How easy is it to transport?
  • > Price; Just because it is expensive, certainly does not mean quality!
  • > Where did the components originate from? Cheap components makes a cheap product!
  • > Who built it? Is the fan you are buying built by the company you are purchasing it from? Most likely the answer is no.

 Low Pressure Vs. High Pressure


Cool Draft builds using only high-end stainless steel components.

The picture below shows our competitions' misting components after only 7 months of use:

Every nut, bolt, connection, switch, and even the pump is completely rusted!


The pump being used produces 32 pounds of pressure. This is a direct result of cutting corners and trying to save a couple of dollars! This competing unit is only 7 months old! We do not consider this competition!

We use all stainless steel fasteners and only the best available components; Our units will look like the day they were built after 5 years of use!

We found at least 2 out of 5 units were in this condition right out of the box!