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Fire Ground Rehab

Cool Draft's goal is to educate our customers and reduce the risks relating to heat stress.

We're Your Fire Ground Cooling Specialists

You Battle The Heat. We'll Battle Heat Stress!


Fireground & EMS Rehab SOP

Excessive heat, gear and equipment can cause a firefighters' core body temperature to reach 104º and Higher! Under such intense conditions, effective rehab is a must! Cool Draft has been proven to gradually and safely, reduce the effects of heat stress and exhaustion.

Firefighting is a tough job - work so physically intense that it demands every ounce of energy a firefighter can muster... and sometimes it takes it toll! Statistics show that most firefighter injuries are caused by physical stress resulting from prolonged exposure to heat.

In a study dealing with firefighter stress, the US Coast Guard reported that during interior firefighting operations, a firefighter's body core temperature often reaches 104 degrees (F). Imagine performing America's most dangerous job, working under the influence of a high-grade fever!

Simply stated Firefighter Rehab is designed to ensure that the physical and mental well being of members operating at the scene of an emergency (or a training exercise) don't deteriorate to the point where it affects the safety of any other members. After all, "stressed out" is not a good thing when you're working at America's most dangerous job.

For 12 years Cool Draft has been educating Fire & EMS personnel on fireground rehab, as well as, keeping them cool in the process. It's been a work-in-progress and we're proud to be a part of helping those who help so many others.



"Cooling our personnel on scene, immediately following exposure, keeps our firefighters where they belong - On the fireground - not in the ER! If you need a reason to buy this misting system, Cool Draft reduces injuries!"

Bryce Melton, Deputy Fire Chief

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What Is NFPA 1584?

National Fire Protection Association 1584 is the Recommended Practice on the Rehabilitation of Members Operating at Incident Scene Operations and Training Exercises. By Hamilton Lempert, MD, FACEP.

It basically states departments must provide a rehab area and cooling for each fire call.

In order to help departments with their choices, Cool Draft has put together custom cooling packages with great prices. Cool Draft has been very busy filling orders for fire departments because of the 1584 standard, and to get better deals we're offering the 1584 Packages.

In Dr. Lempert's actual Power Point, he uses two photographs of Cool Draft rehab scenes. These pictures are of actual rehab stations during a real fire scene. Our rehab standard operating procedure (SOP) has been used by countless departments to help establish a standard protocol to protect firefighters from heat related illnesses.

We're proud to be a part of implementing a standard rehab SOP and the 1584 Package is a direct result of the new standards.
Cool Draft can Fulfill all your 1584 needs!