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Sports Rehab


Our Misting Fans Have Been Keeping Sports Safe For Many Years!

  Pricing designed to fit within your athletic training or booster budget!


Not just for the Pros anymore! 

Cool Draft provides misting fans to high schools, universities and professional sports teams across the globe. Synthetic sports turf fields are known to absorb heat from the sun and reflect heat off the playing surface, raising the temperature on the playing field significantly.
Our misting fans will reduce unsafe playing or practice conditions by providing a cooling system that lowers the ambient air temperature.
This, in turn, significantly diminishes the incidence of heat related injuries. Athletes who are suffering from heat illness must be removed to a cooler location in order to lower their core temperature and limit further injury. Using an ultra-fine mist or fog, combined with high velocity air movement, drastically reduces ambient air temperatures as much as 30° to 35° F.

Cool Draft's series of fans are designed to quickly reduce outdoor temperatures while providing a convenient and safe way to transport the fans. All of this without the high price tag associated with high-end misting fans. 


Heat Stress Statistics & Info:

  • - For every 1.5 degrees your body's core temperature increases....your heart rate increases 30 beats per minute...That's why it's so important to cool someone down before we get to that point...Flash evaporation is a great tool that is underutilized.  This is why people have heart attacks from the heat, forget the possibility of strokes and organ failure.  HEAT KILLS!

  • - Due to the equipment needed, most heat problems are associated with the sport of football.

  • - From 1960 through 2007, there were 114 heat stroke cases that resulted in death on all levels of football from sandlot to the pros, according to a report compiled by Dr. Frederick Mueller at the University of North Carolina for the American Football Coaches Association in February 2008.

  • - From 2003-07, he attributed 16 deaths to heat stroke, and both cases in 2007 were in high school.



We would like to thank Mr. Larry Scire, ATC. Mr. Scire actually put together our Power Point, took all the pictures and has written most of our Sports rehab page. Mr. Scire's support has helped us tremendously.


Summer Sessions & Two-A-Days!

"Cool Draft has hit a home run with this one!" boasts Dwayne Johnson, Head Athletic Director for OVAC football. "I have used every misting fan since the late 90's and the HP-360 is by far the best, most portable, misting fan I have ever seen!" states Johnson.
It is so simple and easy to use, and when the game was over, we simply dropped the fans right into the coolers and drove off. I got 4 HP-360's into my mid sized SUV, totally unbelievable!
Cool Draft has outdone themselves with this one! I recommend this for all levels of football practices and games!
Thanks Cool Draft!

Our fastest growing sales in sports has been to girls softball and boys baseball teams, and our fans are perfect for dugouts!

Cool Draft Donates Hi-Pressure Misting Fans to Max Gilpin's Beat The Heat Foundation!

We were contacted by Mrs. Crockett and donated
without questions! Our hearts
go out to Max's family and if this helps in some small way, then it was worth it for us!

Max Gilpin didn't live to see his 16th birthday, but family and friends came together Sunday to mark the occasion with a bittersweet tribute and party for the Pleasure Ridge Park football player.

The Birthday gathering at Sun Valley Park was also the public debut of the Max Gilpin Beat the Heat Foundation. Its goal is to educate youths and others about the dangers of heat-related illness, which claimed the Louisville teen's life last year.

Max's mother, Michele Crockett, explained the reasoning behind the foundation: "I'm a school counselor. He knew that I'm a helping person, and so was he, and I can't let this be in vain. We've got to do something positive out of it." Max, a Sophomore lineman at PRP, collapsed at practice Aug.20 and died three days later at Kosair Children's Hospital. The Jefferson County coroner's office said his body temperature had reached 107° and he died of complications of heatstroke.

"Yes, it's a tragedy," Crockett said. "But heatstroke is 100% preventable as well."

She said it's important to educate kids about the symptoms of heatstroke and how to prepare for activity in hot whether. "I really think we've got to hit home - drive it home - more."



Letter to Cool Draft:

 After my son, Max Gilpin, died of a massive heat stroke in 2008 while practicing football, close friends and family of Max formed The Max Gilpin “Beat the Heat” Foundation. Our foundation purchased the HP-360 Portable Misting Fan and donated the use of it to a local little league ball park to use during the hot summer months. It was a great success! The ball players crowded around the fan during the extreme heat and parents were so thankful to have this available to help their child cool off. We believe that our children/athletes should have every means available to help them stay cool while playing sports during the extreme heat and humidity of an Ohio Valley summer.

I want to say “Thank You” to Cool Draft Scientific for helping us keep our kids safer this summer! Your fans are awesome! We plan to purchase more in the future to donate to other local sports teams.

It deeply saddens me to know that had the football team my son was playing for had one of these fans on that sweltering August day, his life may have been spared! Heat illness can creep up quickly so be prepared! With the help of Cool Draft Scientific and our foundation we hope to keep this tragedy from happening to another young athlete.


Please, Don't Take Risks!

Reduce Your Liability & Keep Your Players Safe!

Our misting fans will reduce heat stress! For details, call today!