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 It's one thing to hear it from us, but listen to what some of our customers have to say about Cool Draft misting fans:

 With our testimonials they're always recent, up-to-date, and from real people in real life situations!

July 24, 2013

Hello Cool Draft:
I am sending you a few pictures of our department using our new M1-360 fan. It was a 98 degree day with high humidity. Oppressive heat that day. Responded to a single family home fire in the attic. We received our new fan on Tuesday morning July 16, 2013. The fire was Thursday afternoon July 18th. This was the first time we used the new fan and its performance met every expectation and more.  
Captain John Zellmann
Turners Falls Fire


July 30, 2012

Hello Cool Draft,

I am a Lt.Firefighter on North 19 Fire Rescue in Athens, Texas. Yesterday at 1:35 pm we had a large grass/woodland fire that also took out two structures in its path. We called out 3 other departments for mutual aid I noticed on the way to call outside temps was at 104 degrees. Knowing after 4 years of service it was going to be a long exhausting day, and expecting that an EMS unit would be called out for heat exhaustion for a few firefighters. Eustace Volunteer Fire Department, Our Neighboring department which we have fight side by side every year, all year long with on some of their calls as well as some of our calls, they set up a rehab for everyone.

After fighting the fire hard for nearly an hour I pulled out for rehab, to cool down and re-hydrate. Their ladies Auxiliary had recently purchased The M1-360 from your company. I was so Impressed with this unit. It made an extreme difference in the temp. and felt wonderful. After fighting this fire for around 4 hours in extreme temperatures Not one firefighter went down and No one Needed EMS called out. They did a great Job keeping cooled down, with the help of this amazing fan.

Everyone was impressed with it. And If I have anything to do with it We will start some fundraisers to purchase one of these for our department, for not only fires but for training, fundraisers, meetings and get togethers. I know it will be a good investment for us. Although this may take a few months to get enough for it and may even be past all the hot weather. But we will be ready for next summer. Thank You for your time, and Your Product.

Kristi Willard
North 19 Fire Rescue

July 3, 2012

To Chris & the entire Cooldraft family,

Little did I realize that within 48 hours of installing my new Cooldraft HP-360 it would literally be "tried by fire"! We had a devastating 2-story log home fire that spread quickly out of control into nearby fields. The actual air temperature that day was 104-106. We had multiple heat exhaustion and heat stroke victims from the 7 fire departments fighting fires all day in the most adverse conditions. 

Countless firefighters and paramedics stated that the Cooldraft HP-360 was "literally a lifesaver" in lowering body core temperatures during on-scene re-hab. After my very first application and use of this life saving product, I was immediately on the phone back to Cooldraft to voice my complete satisfaction and to order an additional unit. 

Respectfully Boomer Christy
TOPES, Director of Emergency Services and
Lawrence County Fire Chaplin & Logistics
Bedford Indiana


Cool Draft would like to donate another M1-360 to you guys in Honor of Captain Sean Walls' memory. He and I had been talking about getting you guys another fan for your rehab team and this one is for him. A black band will go across the front of the cooler for Captain Wall.

Cool Draft, Thank you so much for honoring Chief Wall and for your continued kindness and generosity. I know he was so happy to get the first one, he showed it off to everyone. I cannot tell you what it means to us and those we serve. 

~Michael S. Castiglioni, President and CEO

Commonwealth REACT


June 17, 2012

Cool Draft,

I purchased the HP-360 about 2 months ago. No regrets, we absolutely love it. We operate kids rides at the local fairs and festivals here in Las Vegas. 110 degrees and up on some days. With a shade tent and the cool draft we're good to go. I couldnt imagine being at an event without it. We always attract a crowd around the mister (its been good for business). I think at times the parents let their kids ride just so they can hang out around the fan.

Thanks again for such a high quality product. I'm sure we will get years of use from it.

Mark Karam, Owner of Zippy Pals  www.zippypals.com


The HP-360 fan will be one of our best resources this summer! 
While we never wish for a fire, we can not wait to use them! The 360 series is a big difference from the old versions!

The purpose of rehab is to ensure that the physical and mental condition of emergency service personnel operating at the scene of an emergency or a training exercise does not deteriorate to a point that affects the safety and integrity of the operation.

Roger Baker
Rehab Five, MA



I received my HP-360 fan on Friday, it was an easy set up on the Youth football field. I will send you some pics of the next game. We had a record heat out here in Houston, Texas on Saturday. As soon as I set it up we had referee’s and coaches telling me what a relief this fan was.

Mike Valdez
Assistant Manager


"Cool Draft has hit a home run with this one!" boasts Dwayne Johnson, Head Athletic Director for OVAC football.

"I have used every misting fan since the late 90's and the HP-360 is by far the best, most portable, misting fan I have ever seen!
", states Johnson.

It is so simple and easy to use, and when the game was over, we simply dropped the fans right into the coolers and drove off. I got 4 HP-360's into my mid sized SUV, totally unbelievable! Cool Draft has outdone themselves with this one! I recommend this for all levels of football practices and games!"


Cool Draft,
I worked the Super CDA Cheer and Dance camp this week. It was 100 degrees and a heat index of 112 and we worked outside a lot.  The Cooldraft HP-360, ice towels and lots of water breaks resulted in not a single case of heat illness among the 250 cheerleaders that attended the camp.
Thank you, to everyone at Cool Draft!
Attending Athletic Trainer

Letter to Cool Draft:

After my son, Max Gilpin, died of a massive heat stroke in 2008 while practicing football, close friends and family of Max formed The Max Gilpin “Beat the Heat” Foundation. Our foundation purchased the HP-360 Portable Misting Fan and donated the use of it to a local little league ball park to use during the hot summer months. It was a great success! The ball players crowded around the fan during the extreme heat and parents were so thankful to have this available to help their child cool off. We believe that our children/athletes should have every means available to help them stay cool while playing sports during the extreme heat and humidity of an Ohio Valley summer.

I want to say “Thank You” to Cool Draft Scientific for helping us keep our kids safer this summer! Your fans are awesome! We plan to purchase more in the future to donate to other local sports teams.

It deeply saddens me to know that had the football team my son was playing for had one of these fans on that sweltering August day, his life may have been spared! Heat illness can creep up quickly so be prepared! With the help of Cool Draft Scientific and our foundation we hope to keep this tragedy from happening to another young athlete.


JMJ3rd has made a comment on CoolDraft Scientific HP-360 Demo:

These are the best! I've had mine now for over a year. It's used for both of my daughters sofball teams during the the long summers of Southeast Texas.

I started looking for a way to keep the girls cool while in the dugouts, and rehabing, during the long hot tournaments. After much searching I found the high pressure unit from CoolDraft. It fits in my small SUV with the 10gal, cooler bottom and lasts longer than a game with it. Just the right fit!

Chris, thanks to you and your team! 

To All of you at Cool Draft,
I am extremely pleased with the HP-360 Misting Fan purchased last week. We have used it extensively and find it wonderful for cooling and keeping flying bugs away. Thanks for a super product and your incredibly prompt shipment.
Thanks again for a wonderful product. It adds immensely to our use of the backyard in very hot humid weather.

Shannon Ritchie

Hey Cool Draft!  I purchased and have been testing out the HP-360 High Pressure machine. After a month of use in the Florida heat, the Tampa Bay Lacrosse League loves the misting system!

Jeffry Leck 

I just used two of your HP-360 misting fans at the Chicago Triathlon (World's largest triathlon). I realized one thing right away....I need to get two more before your sale ends. These units out perform the big 30" fans that cost thousands of dollars and they take up little space on my medical trailer so I can take them anywhere. This was a record summer in regards to heat around Chicago, but the cool draft units were incredible.

As an athletic trainer, heat is our worst fear and using your products has made my job much easier and the athletes parents and coaches as well appreciate seeing cool-draft on the sidelines during games and two a day practices.

Larry Scire, ATC

Mr. John Lomas called me with a problem, the unit he purchased from a competitor basically fell apart, and I offered to fix and rebuild his unit. Here is a great email from John:

Chris It was my pleasure talking to you on the phone yesterday about how I got screwed from Bigfogg on my mister I cannot  say how happy I am that you are stepping up and making this right wht a 360 of how I have been feeling about this whole thing as its very warm here in California. 

I have sent the Top/Fan out as per your request UPS 
Attention: Chris 
Leaving Fairfield California today at 5pm June 30 -- should put it there around July 7-8 because of the holiday...

Chris, I live close to Napa California and have some great friends that work there. So, if you like wine please let me 
know or I can just send you different types of wines and you can explore - drinking, cooking ect.. 

I will be a customer of yours for life and I have a really big mouth when I believe someone goes above and beyond to help me out.

John E. Lomas


Seldom do inventors improve on their original, patented inventions; however, Chris Strussion of Cool Draft Scientific is an exception to the rule. The original Cool Draft Misting Fan which I purchased a couple years ago has provided my patio area with many hours of enjoyable,cooling comfort during the hot Carolina's summer months Truthfully……….. I'd rather have his product than a swimming pool. More practical, simple to use, extremely well built, portable, economical to operate and cost effective. 

Now the company has "reinvented" the Cool Draft Fan with the introduction of an additional line of products, including the new Mobile One HP Fogger. Industrial quality, powerful high pressure cooling, with a unique container which serves as both water reservoir and storage compartment. Very clever engineering.

 When you compare Cool Draft Scientific's price, quality, ease of use and portability, the company truly( in my opinion) has no competition. 

In closing, I just received my 1st Cool Draft HP Mobile 1 Fogger and this is the Mercedes of the industry! Incredibility strong, both in construction and performance. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Thank you Chris Stussion for making my Summer so much more enjoyable with your Cool Draft Scientific products. 

A very satisfied customer,

K. Mark Hammer / North Carolina


Testimonial from Dawn in St. Louis:
This system is really great! I am so glad I found Cooldraft.com and found the M1-Hp for $995
The competing fans were $1700 and up for an 18" blade and no better of a fan/system
This fans feels like you are standing in front of the AC!
My main use for the M1-Hp is to keep cool and protect my pet chickens so they don't get overcome by the heat on these near 100 degree days with 105 degree heat index. This fan will surely save my pets, not to mention I am more comfortable outside myself.
When I am outside and the Mobile1-Hp is turned on, I don't break a sweat and feel like it is 80 degrees or less when it is really 95 degrees outside. Even the area of air behind the fan is more comfortable. Shortly after turning off the M1-Hp , I am miserable! What a difference this fan makes!
I am in Saint Louis, Missouri in the city and our humidity is extreme here. Over 90% and this fan still works well. If you live in a high humidity climate like I do and prefer a dryer fog, I highly suggest to purchase the HP Nozzle Kit .008 (Ultra Fine FOG) with your fan purchase. This does the trick for high humidity areas
Last, but not least, the folks at Cooldraft are great! Wonderful, personal service AFTER the sale.
I highly recommend the Mobile1-Hp and Cooldraft.com!

“The portable COOL DRAFT® is simply the best rehab unit we’ve ever owned…”

John Norwig, Head Trainer, Pittsburgh Steelers 

 “I wish I had these when I was with Miami and Jacksonville…I have been taking them on the road with us….”

Bobby Monica, Equipment Manager - Cleveland Browns 

 “The COOL DRAFT® is the fastest rehab unit to help our heat-overcome players quickly…”

Tank Connerly, Head Trainer - University of Alabama Tide

“Absolutely fantastic…we are presenting COOL DRAFT® to our coaches for all team sports at our university."

Rudy Garcia, Equipment Manager - University Of New Mexico Lobos

Thank you for sharing truth.  Whatever you do Chris.......... stay focused. Thanking you for your creativity in bringing the Mobile1-HP  to the marketplace and for your continued assistance.

Here Mr. Hammer is referring to the Cool Draft Blue knockoff unit. Mr. Hammer had the unfortunate experience of buying two of the knockoff units being produced and sold by several large misting companies and fire equipment companies. Some even use the Cool Draft name to confuse their customers. 

These fans are defective with cracking containers, bad rocker switches, and rust problems where the fan dips into and traps water on the concave top. Oh yea, the rocker switch on the "knockoff" Cool Draft just broke again. It runs on Fan/Mist but doesn't mist (just fan). I'm giving a missionary who is very skilled in mechanics both of my last two purchased knockoff units (completely inferior products, with bad switches, cracked containers, bad power cords and rusting bad where the fan brace attach to the container and very poor design.)

Mark Hammer

Mr. Hammer has been a loyal Cool Draft customer for many years and owns several Cool Draft units.

If you are unsure which unit is ours, just ask us and we'll be glad to point you in the right direction.

Chris, Thanks for making your fans so awesome!

Roger A Baker

Rehab - Five

First off we would like to say, "your product works great." We recently brought it along with us to our last ATV national race at Loretta Lynn's in Hurricane Mills, TN.

Loretta's races are notorious for temperatures in the triple digits, but thanks to our mister fan it was a very enjoyable experience. I do not know what we have done without it in the past years, but I know one thing it will never be left behind on our future races.  

Thanks Cool Draft,

Cody Taylor

Cool Draft:

Thank you so much for the great customer service!  We love the fan, and honestly couldn't work out in the heat at the flea market without it! Great, It really does draw people to the booth :)

I'm getting lots of interest in the fan, since NO ONE in Colorado has anything like this!

Angie Pierpont
Sweet N' Sassy  

 Great For Tailgating:

This great picture was submitted by Heather Roach, and friends, using our Cool Draft system for their tailgating party.

Thanks Heather!In the past few years, tailgaters have made the Cool Draft unit a "MUST HAVE" item for those extremely hot early season game days.




ESPN's Original series, Playmakers, used Cool Draft units for a realistic look during games and practices. 

The Longest Yard  Cool Draft provided six Cool Draft misting fans and several large blowers during the filming of The Longest Yard remake. Cool Draft units can be seen throughout the movie during the guards practices and in the big game against the guards.